Taste Attribute: Sweet/Buttery

Arbequina: Spain


Tasting Notes:

Arbequina is one of the finest Spanish oils. It has a creamy, thick and smooth texture with an almond aroma and mild peppery finish.

Examples of Pairing:

All purpose oil that can be used in lieu of butter (See Useful Conversions). Great for dressings, white fish and mashed potatoes.

Polyphenols: 134

For many years, this variety was only found in Cataluña, Spain but at the beginning of the 20th Century it began to extend to the rest of Spain. By the 21st Century, it became the favorite Spanish olive cultivar all over the world. The tree does not develop a lot but it renders a constant high production and is highly regarded as a star performer.

The oil is not stable, is very light on bitterness and spiciness and has very wide notes of apple, dry fruits, and tomato and fresh herbs which makes this oil very well appreciated commercially.

It is also important to note that the Arbequina varietal is originally from Cataluña, but was brought from the oriental Mediterranean to the rest of the world by sailor merchants of Aragon.

Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch - Arbequina olive oil tasting & pairing
Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch - Arbosana olive oil tasting & pairing
Taste Attribute: Medium and Green

Arbosana: Spain


Tasting Notes:

Arbosana is one of the best oils found in California. It is creamy with a peppery finish.

Examples of Pairing:

White meat, soups and dressings.

This varietal is a minority in Cataluña but thanks to its adaptive character to modern high density farming, it has spread worldwide. This tree does not develop a lot but is consistently productive at harvest time.

Arbosana olive oil presents numerous tasting notes of green herbaceous nuances although not as high as Arbequina.

This varietal has risen from not being well known to being appreciated more than the Arbequina in high density farming arrangements.

Taste Attribute: Assertive and Peppery

Koroneiki: Greece


Tasting Notes:

A green and a hint of fruit flavor from the Mediterranean. Koroneiki is a traditional variety from Greece with a unique flavor of oranges and lime and moderate bitterness.

Examples of Pairing:

Grilled Salmon, grilled meat, garlic bread.

Polyphenols: 305

The Koroneiki is the most important cultivar of Greece where is occupies more than half of its cultivated area where olive trees are planted. It is now one of the most planted varietal around the world in modern high density farming arrangements.

Its characteristics of low vigor, constant high yields and high production make this tree mostly used in high density farming.

Bitterness and spicy flavor are most notable and makes its olive oil with persistency of green aromas, freshly cut green herbs, artichoke and sometimes apple and fig.

The Koroneiki is probably the most ancient variety of olive trees in the world.

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Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch - Koroneiki olive oil tasting & pairing