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Olives are a fruit; a traditional cultivar of the Mediterranean Basin. It is a species called Olea europaea meaning “European Olive” under the genus Olea (a name in botany that relates to both olive and oil). It comes from a small tree in the family called Oleaceae, also a name in botany for shrubs and trees that are green year round and produce berry-like fruit.

In the spring, the olive trees form small, yellowish buds. After some time the buds turn into tiny white flowers. Later in May and June, small olives emerge from a number of the flowers and continue to develop throughout the summer months. October through the end of November is when the fruit is ready to be harvested and processed. Through the end of December the fruit begins to ripen, turning into a darker purple color.

Depending on the time of harvest, the taste of olive oil varies greatly on the ripeness of the olives. Early harvest oils tend to be peppery with some bitterness while later harvest oils are soft and sweeter in character.

Project Details

  • Region : Poway, California
  • Location : Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch
  • Agriculture : Organic Farming