Ranch Photo 1

Part of the ranch grove layout makes use of a planting arrangement called “Super High Density Planting”. Super high density planting of olive tree groves originated in Spain with the goal of increasing production due to the growing market demand of olive oil. In this planting arrangement, the trees are equally spaced about 6 feet apart from one another. Since our ranch is on a smaller scale than bigger producers we decided to use super high density planting to maximize the volume of oil we can produce to supply the growing demand of high quality olive oil in our area. This is mainly the reason why we are limited reserve. However, being limited reserve and on a smaller scale allows us to be meticulous in the artisanal olive making process and attend to the health of our trees on an individual basis.

There are three varietals that we planted that are conducive to super high density planting. These are: Arbequina and Arbosana (both Spanish) and Koroneiki (Greek). These cultivars tend to grow more vertically than having a horizontal canopy. There are other varietals that we are considering that may be conducive to super high density are the Allegra, Don Carlo and the Favolosa.

Project Details

  • Region : Poway, California
  • Location : Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch
  • Agriculture : Organic Farming