The modern method of milling involves grinding the olives into a paste by what is called the “hammer”. The paste is then fed into a separate chamber called a “malaxer” which is a mixer with rotating blades. The malaxing or churning process allows the smaller droplets of oil to collect into bigger pools of oil which makes separation of the oil from the paste easier. Subsequently, the olive paste is pumped into a horizontal centrifuge which separates the oil from the ground olive pits and skins (leftover vegetal material called “alpecine”). The centrifuge is a device that spins the malaxed paste at high speeds and creates a strong centripetal force causing the denser alpecine to be removed more rapidly than it would under the force of gravity as in the traditional method. This method of oil extraction is more thorough and efficient than the traditional method.


Project Details

  • Region : Poway, California
  • Location : Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch
  • Agriculture : Organic Farming