• Dos Pizotes Olive Oil - Olive Ranch 7
Dos Pizotes Olive Oil - Olive Ranch 7

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a liquid produced by olives which are known as the species Olea europaea (or European Olive) under the genus Olea. Olive oil is produced by crushing or pressing the fruit. The chemical composition of olive oil can vary with the altitude, time of harvest, cultivar and other factors.

Extra virgin olive oil is an olive oil that has undergone certain chemical and sensory tests to determine if it is extra virgin grade. These tests define a set of parameters that the oil must meet that are set forth by the USDA and the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) which are recognized as the most stringent establishments in the world to pass a particular oil as extra virgin. Each year our oil is tested for extra virgin grade quality by the COOC.

Extra virgin olive oil is the purest form of olive oil that has many health benefits. This pure form of olive oil can only be obtained by what’s called “First Cold Press”.


Project Details

  • Region : Poway, California
  • Location : Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch
  • Agriculture : Organic Farming