Artisanal, Southern California-grown extra virgin olive oils.

Welcome to Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch

Nestled in the foothills of Mt. Woodson in Poway, California, Dos Pizotes Olive Ranch is a family-owned ranch that offers artisanal,
organic extra virgin olive oil. After our fruit is picked it is immediately processed at our onsite mill.
No oil or fruit from overseas is used in making Dos Pizotes olive oil. READ MORE

Dos Pizotes Olive Oil - A family owned business
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About Us

The ranch is entirely managed and run by the Porada family. The family members often enjoy working together in the grove. 


Dos Pizotes Olive Oil - Awards
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We are proud to say that our award winning oils are produced from cultivars that are grown, harvested and processed on the ranch.


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We farm in harmony with our surrounding environment using safe and healthy practices. Our trees are also not genetically engineered (not GE).


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